I came of age in a changing world, being introduced to the Internet by crazed visionaries who saw technology poised to change the way we work, socialize, shop, and learn. Maybe they weren't so crazed after all. I started building web sites in 1996, thrilled to be part of a growing community from around the world. My mom would poke her head in my bedroom and ask what I was doing up at two in the morning. "Oh, just talking to a friend in Australia about some code."

Today, I build web sites and tools that give a global voice to those who need it. I primarily work with WordPress, but I'm always exploring new technologies like Sass and node.js to craft better online experiences.

On a personal note

After growing up in Chicago, my wife's new career brought me to Medford, Mass. (just North of Boston).

Besides programming, I enjoy jogging, cooking, b-movies, computer history, and volunteering at a local cat shelter.